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TOP & Co Business Corporation offers a wide range of practical services and educational public and online events for importexport. Our knowledge is based on many years of experience, which helps us to keep the trends of world markets and choose the right direction in the field of international trade and  foreign economic activity.

The main advantage of our seminars, if to compare with the majority of existing on the market, is the usage of our unique practical experience!

Since 2004, TOP & Co Business Corporation’s lecturers have been engaged in practical affairs, exercising in the field of foreign economic activity, cooperating with large companies, helping them to present successfully their product on the global trading market. Thanks to the accumulated knowledge and experience in China, Africa, the European Union, the countries of the East and the former USSR, nowadays we can tell you about all the details of working in these regions in general and specific countries separately. We are ready to share our experience and show you the easiest, most reasonable and profitable way for you to build a model of cooperation with foreign partners, without mistakes at the initial stage, to save time, maximize profits and avoid undesirable situations.

The theoretical background combined with our practical experience is our formula for successful work in any market.

The seminars are prepared for a wide audience of participants. Among our participants are companies and enterprises, which have been engaged in foreign trading activities for many years already, wishing to raise the level and quality of their work, to open new fields of activities, to enter the world markets. We also help young companies and entrepreneurs, who are only at the beginning of their way to world markets to start successfully, that’s why many of them constantly cooperate with us and become our partners.

Hundreds of companies, are working already on foreign markets, using our experience and earning maximal profit, you also can do your best.

There are no unreachable targets  for our team, and the main goal of our public events is that each participant, after our offline public  seminar  or online webinar, can work independently in foreign markets without any undesirable situation and maximum profit!